Lower KS2 Creative Curriculum Overview











Sc: Living Things & Their Habitats

Sc: Forces & Magnets

H: Victorian Britain

DT: Victorian Toys to toys with simple circuits and switches

Art:  Scenes from London’s Past (Black and White)

MFL : Alphabet. Weather, Sports

Mu:  Music from the Past (Singing & Performing)

P.E: Games- Invasion ball skills

P.E: Gym– Balance

P.E: Indoor Athletics (N)

P.E: Dance- Oliver Twist

Computing : Computational Thinking – We are toy makers.

Computing : Computer Networks – We are html editors.



Sc: Plants

Sc: Animals Including Humans

H: The Ages (Ice, Iron, Stone)

G:  Hills, Mountains, Coasts & Rivers

Art:  Watercolour Landscapes (Monet & Van Gogh)

DT: Freestanding structures – packaging for a picnic

MFL : Time, Daily Routine, Uniform, Subjects, Book Study

Mu:  Reggae (Listening & Appraising, Pulse & Rhythm)

P.E: Gym- Balance leading into travel with change of front & direction

P.E: Gym- Rolling

P.E: Games - Striking & Fielding

P.E: Games  - Net, court & wall

Computing : Productivity – We are meteorologists.

Computing : Programming – We are software developers.



Sc: Sound

G:  North  & South America

DT: Carnival Fashion Accessories

MFL : Healthy Food, S. American Village, Book study

Mu:  Carnival Music – Mixed Styles (Composition & Improvisation)

P.E: Athletics

P.E: Athletics

P.E: Swimming

P.E: Dance- Carnival Celebration dance

Computing : Creativity – We are musicians.

Computing : Communication – We are co-authors.