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We provide a range of messy play activities including using real ingredients e.g. shaving foam, lentils, rice, baked beans, ingredients to make cakes etc..
Messy play provides a variety of learning opportunities that spread across the whole seven areas of learning for Early Years and we believe messy play plays an important role in bringing our children together to learn how to become more sociable. 
Personal, Social & Emotional Development- It helps them to understand the boundaries involved when using different ingredients, 
Physical Development- helps them to gain control in using tools such as jugs and funnels,
Communication & Language-encourages them to talk to each other and learn new words,
Literacy-distinguish between the different marks that they can make, Mathematics- begin to learn about size and quantities,
Understanding The World- begin to make friends through close interaction, Expressive Art & Design- experiments with different materials and textures.